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about fortiori design

Fortiori Design

After a number of successes in the medical device industry bringing multiple products to market that employ their unique skills in spectrometry – the science of how light propagates through objects – Roger Schmitz, Stuart Giere, and Larry Flessland decided to take a new path. They came together to find a way to make a spectrometer that was small, portable, and very low-cost compared to its predecessors.

Even though taking on a project they knew little about wasn’t new territory for the trio, when Roger, Stuart, and Larry teamed up in 2010 to start Fortiori Design, they didn’t foresee developing a totally new type of monitoring device for the fitness market. Schmitz brought the idea to the others in 2010 to gain their support and assistance in launching the idea – an idea that has its users wearing the entire device, which previously was never any smaller than a toaster, on their body while going about their normal exercise routines.

The challenge of making the flip-phone-sized device reality was daunting. But Schmitz brought his strong, cross functional engineering background to the design, applying an understanding of mechanical systems, optics, electronics, and mathematics. Pairing with Flessland’s comprehensive skill in electrical engineering, the two were able to integrate a functioning system in less than a year.

With the help of Giere driving the business planning and marketing efforts, the trio headed straight for the fitness market. Early testing revealed to the team something they had already suspected: if the device was to be a success, they would need to make the right decisions, early on, regarding how to configure the wireless version. On a shoestring budget, the team set out to understand the benefits of all wireless protocols, the differences between using standard fitness device displays versus their own propriety device, and, of course, how would they get the device to interface with an iPhone.

The rest was left to execution. The team launched Moxy Monitor, the wireless version of their groundbreaking device, into the fitness market in the summer of 2013.


Stuart Giere – Executive Chairman

stuart_headshotStuart Giere is co-founder and Executive Chairman of Fortiori. Stuart graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in engineering, and now lives in the greater St. Cloud Area with his family. Still working as an engineering manager, Stuart was previously employed at Hutchinson Technology, where he was the Director of Engineering, responsible for overseeing various engineering, marketing, sales, and new business development initiatives. Stuart has years of experience leading teams to launch high- technology products and medical devices.

Roger Schmitz – CEO

roger_headshotRoger Schmitz is co-founder and CEO of Fortiori. Roger holds a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State and currently resides with his family in Hutchinson, MN. Roger spent 18 years designing automated machinery and medical devices as Lead Design Engineer at Hutchinson Technology, where he spent his time focusing on technology development. In his free time, Roger takes accordion lessons, enjoys wood working and spending time with his family at the lake.

Larry Flessland – Head Electrical Engineer

larry headshotLarry Flessland is co-founder and Head Electrical Engineer of Fortiori. Larry holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and now resides with his family in Hutchinson, MN. Larry has over 20 years of experience with automation systems engineering, electrical engineering in bio measurement, and writing firmware and electrical design for bio measurement devices. Larry enjoys Bluegrass music, playing guitar, running, and working on his 1926 Nash.

Development Team

Juerg Feldmann

A physiotherapist in Quesnel, Canada, running a regional rehabilitation center, Juerg’s education consists of the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Sport, as well as a Master’s Degree in exercise physiology from the University and University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland. He has worked for several national teams in the altitude training center in St. Moritz and with many Olympic athletes from Switzerland and Canada. Juerg is currently an owner of FaCT Canada, a leading sport and medical instrument sales company. Juerg successfully launched a medical measurement technology into the fitness world when he brought the Lactate Pro blood lactate meter to market with FaCT.

Andri Feldmann

Andri holds a Master’s Degree in Sport Science from the University of Bern, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. Andri’s master’s thesis was on the use of NIRS during exercise and potential applications. Juerg and Andri bring a passion for using the best available biomarkers to train athletes as effectively as possible.

Brian Kozak

Brian has specialized in testing and training elite athletes for over 25 years, spending the last eight years under the mentorship of world-renown physiotherapist and physiologist, Juerg Feldmann. Brian has a Teaching, Fitness & Nutrition background along with Coaching in the BCHL for six years.