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Moxy’s Hockey HIIT

Moxy’s Hockey High Intensity Interval Training Packages were designed specifically to improve a team’s competitiveness by providing individual physiological based performance feedback to coaches & trainers in real time. By delivering the worlds most accurate and actionable Oxygen & Hemoglobin (SmO2 & THb) information, the Moxy assists coaches & trainers as they guide their athletes during hockey specific training protocols.


Breakthrough Results That Your Players & Fans Will Love!

Leveraging the breakthrough Moxy HIIT technique developed and executed at the Junior Levels in Canada and with Professionals throughout Europe, we’ve established a protocol that seamlessly works into your slideboard* regimen.

*We are proud to be partnering with UltraSlide – Contact us to learn how we’ve teamed to make your training more effective!
The results are nothing short of amazing:

  • Expanded strength & endurance
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduce overtraining (less injury)
  • Improved shift performance
  • Improved individual performance
  • Improved team performance (The sum of its parts!)
  • Extended ice time
  • Strategies based on Physiological facts


Moxy’s Hockey HIIT Packages

Moxy’s Hockey HIIT Packages – When Performance Matters

In collaboration with top Canadian and European performance Physiologists, Coaches and Players, Moxy has created two High Intensity Interval Training Packages specifically focused on Hockey: the HIIT Performance Package™ & the Advanced Integration Package™. Taking advantage of standard stopwatch based protocols in use across the sport, the Moxy’s market leading SmO2 & THb NIRS based information allows coaches to see and understand what is limiting their player’s performance.

Adding real time data to the coach’s visual experience, coaches are able to streamline workouts that maximize effort and reduce injury while ensuring that training decisions are no longer based on assumptions about the athlete but made on solid physiological markers that helps individualize the player’s regimen.

Moxy’s Hockey HIIT Performance Package™

The HIIT Performance Package™ was built to have immediate impact on your players’ performance. Adapting the Moxy to HIIT protocols used in slideboard work, the offering includes all you’ll need to be up and running in no-time. We’ve included all of the hardware, software, training, and support you need to implement High Intensity Interval Training for Hockey using your own slideboards. The solution is turnkey and designed to integrate into present processes.

  • Full package ready to use at your facility – literally right out of the box
  • Ability to precisely assess an athlete’s present performance & limitations
  • Integrate into your present protocols
  • Physiologically based and individualized
  • Training for both use & application of the technology
  • Exclusive coaching on Moxy’s proprietary RIP (Recovery Intensity Profile) development and the Moxy HIIT protocol
  • Ongoing consultative support   Learn More

Moxy’s Hockey Advanced Integration Package™

The Advanced Integration Package was developed for larger organizations whose commitment to metric based physiology training requires that all team members participate in acquiring the needed expertise. The Advanced Integration Package builds on the Technology and Physiological training of the Performance Package but includes advanced on-site consultation, training and customized design support.  Collaborating with our exclusive consultative partners in North America and Europe, the onsite sessions will deliver:

  • Performance protocol Design consultation integrating with your teams training regimen. Design is developed remotely in collaboration with your team prior to any on site event
  • 1-3 days of onsite classroom and hands on training
  • Advanced HIIT & RIP procedural design
  • Advanced performance metric design and analysis training
  • Post implementation support    Learn More

Moxy Package & Technical Fact Sheet

Technical Information

Package Technology
  • 8-Unit Charging Case
  • 8-Sensors – ready to use
  • Windows 10 Tablet PCs preloaded with software
  • Tablet Stands
  • DropBox Cloud Data Management System allows instant access to data anywhere in the world.
  • Tape, connectors and other miscellaneous gear
The Moxy Sensors
  • Moxy is a Continuous Wave NIRS system that uses light sources at 680, 720, 760, and 800 nm
  • Moxy uses 2 send to receive spacings of 12.5 and 25 mm. This allows it to read the muscle oxygenation through about 12 mm of skin and fat.
  • Moxy algorithm is the only algorithm based on a Monte Carlo model of epidermis, dermis, adipose and muscle. This allows it to measure SmO2 with useful accuracy on a scale of 0% to 100% and to maximize sensitivity to the muscle layer while minimizing sensitivity to the skin and fat.
  • Moxy Updates at 0.5 Hz in Default Mode or 2 Hz in high speed mode.
  • Battery life is 3 hours minimum.
  • 7 hours of data can be stored on each sensor