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Moxy Cycling was developed for cyclists and coaches who are committed to improvement.  Whether on the road putting in the hours; in the basement grinding on a trainer; or in a club working and competing with friends, Moxy Cycling will help you push through to your personal best!

Advancing dramatically over the past three years, the science of using Muscle Oxygen has become the physiological training standard for cyclists and triathletes. Moxy integrates with power based training and can replace power as the primary guidance metric.  Moxy helps athletes train more effectively by adapting the training to the specific physiology of the athlete.

Moxy Cycling has 5 integrations into your current training program

  1. Determine Muscle Oxygen Zones
  2. Identify Oxygen Delivery or Oxygen Utilization Limiters
  3. Precision Guidance of High Intensity Interval Training
  4. Manage Long Slow Distance Intensity to Maximize Recovery Effectiveness
  5. Calibration of the Athlete’s Rating of Perceived Exertion

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Training Guide

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