Moxy in the NFL

Assessing athletes in the NFL is highly position dependent. Moxy allows the trainer to see the individual athlete’s physiologic information in real time by delivering precise real time throughout warm ups, while training, during play, and in the recovery room. A small non-invasive wearable, the MOXY uses light to measure muscle oxygenation (SmO2) and hemoglobin (tHb) in muscle tissue.

A fundamental tool for advanced trainers based on physiological data.


  • Helps trainers identify limiters and create purposeful interventions
  • Is the missing piece within return to play protocols, helping the trainer see and interpret issues with greater clarity
  • Allows the trainer to see physiological information on the athlete while they perform their actual sport
  • Ensures athletes are properly warmed up based on individualized physiological data
  • Easily attached anywhere on the body

Finding the Limiter with Muscle Oxygen Monitoring to Maximize Athletic Performance

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Assessing athletes is highly dependent on what sport they are performing.

Most lab assessments are poor representations of the efforts that athletes actually perform. Moxy allows the trainer to get physiologic information on the athlete while they perform their actual sports. We’ve even had hockey trainers collect data during competition. This gives the trainer much more precise information on the athlete’s physiology and metabolism so they can see precisely how an athlete is performing, when their performance begins to decline as they fatigue and why their performance is declining.

Case StudyRecovering from an injury can be very complicated.

Moxy lets the trainer see the metabolic status of each muscle and make comparisons of left-right symmetry. Even after the initial injury is healed, there can be lingering issues related to proprioception, muscle recruitment, and imbalanced strength that need to be dealt with to get performance back to optimum. Moxy helps the trainer see these issues with greater clarity.


Moxy is a fundamental tool all trainers should have in their toolbox and know how to use.

It can contribute to answering many questions.

  • Is the athlete’s warm-up routine effective?
  • Are they recovered from yesterday’s workout?
  • Has their muscle oxidative capacity improved?
  • Do they have issues with asymmetry?

The tool is easy to use whenever the trainer has questions like these. They don’t need to draw blood or do elaborate tests. If they have the tool on hand, they can answer these questions in real time as they come up.