Moxy 1-Sensor Bundle

One Sensor bundle with a pick list of accessories to suit your application.

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The Moxy 1-Sensor Bundle is intended for athletes that are using Moxy as a daily training guide.  It’s also great for researchers that just need a single sensor.  You can select which options are best suited for your application.  All bundles include the light shield and 2 packs of Light Shield Attachment tapes.  You can select to include the additional attachment assortment, the studio software, or a Garmin device.

Attachment Assortment

The attachment assortment is useful if you plan to attach the sensor in locations other than the Quad.  The assortment includes a variety of options that have worked well for many attachment scenarios.

  • 2 Packs of small Adhesive Attachments
  • 1 Roll of Vetrap
  • 1 Roll of Cover Roll Stretch Tape

The Small Adhesive Attachments are a double stick tape that work great for low intensity applications where the light shield is not used.  The Vetrap is a stretchy wrap that sticks to itself.  It works well when you want to avoid adhesives.  The box of Cover Roll Stretch Tape is the Duct Tape of attachment methods.  It can be used to tape over the whole sensor or can be used with the light shield.  The baggies are useful to keep the sensor clean if you are taping over the sensor or if you are using the same sensor on multiple athletes.

Click Here to see these attachment options on video.

Studio Software

The Studio Software and the ANT+ USB Dongle are used for displaying and recording live data on a PC. This option is for your choice of, None, PeriPedal, or PerfPro software. Both packages allow you to display and record data from a Moxy Sensor, Heart Rate strap, Speed and Cadence Sensor and a Power Meter for each user.  Studio software is not required if you collect and display the data on compatible smartwatch or bike computer.  (CLICK HERE for an Explanation of Number of Users)

Click on the icons below for an overview video of each software option




If you don’t already have a Garmin watch or bike Computer, you can add one to your order at competitive pricing and free shipping from our store.  Note that this adds about 3 days to the shipping time.

Click Here for more information on device compatibility.


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