Moxy 3-Sensor Bundle

This bundle includes 3 Moxy Sensors with options for light shields, attachments, and display software.

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This bundle is great for doing more detailed assessments by measuring multiple muscles simultaneously or for measuring on multiple athletes at the same time.  The bundle includes light shields which are needed for use in sunlight and it also makes attaching the sensor simpler in many cases.  This option includes 3 Light Shield and 6 packs of Light Shield Tapes.

Attachment Assortment

The attachment assortment is useful if you plan to attach the sensor in locations other than the Quad.  The assortment includes a variety of options that have worked well for many attachment scenarios.

  • 6 Packs of Adhesive Attachments
  • 3 Rolls of Vetrap
  • 2 Rolls of Cover Roll Stretch Tape

The Small Adhesive Attachments are a double stick tape that work great for low intensity applications where the light shield is not used.  The Vetrap is a stretchy wrap that sticks to itself.  It works well when you want to avoid adhesives.  The box of Cover Roll Stretch Tape is the Duct Tape of attachment methods.  It can be used to tape over the whole sensor or can be used with the light shield.  The baggies are useful to keep the sensor clean if you are taping over the sensor or if you are using the same sensor on multiple athletes.

Studio Software

The Studio Software package allows you to view the live Moxy data on 1 more more users on a computer screen.  Both PeriPedal and PerfPro also support ANT+ speed, cadence, power, and heart rate sensors.  PerfPro also controls your smart trainer like Computrainer, Wahoo Kickr, Tacx, Kinetic, and many others.  This option includes the software license and the ANT+ Dongle.

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