PeriPedal Software Package




The PeriPedal software is an easy to setup and use software for Windows PCs.  It can record and display data from up to four Moxy sensors at once using the ANT+ MO2 profile.

This bundle includes

PeriPedal can also collect data from the following ANT+ sensors

  • Heart Rate
  • Cycling Power
  • Speed
  • Cadence

The software can export the data in the .csv or .fit format.

This video shows an overview of the software.

The software was originally designed for indoor cycling, but its simple format makes it useful for any type of sport or research application where you want to record and display a live graph of the data on a Windows PC.

PC Requirements

This package does not include the Windows PC.  The requirements for the PC is that it runs a full version of windows and that it has at least 1 full size USB port for the ANT+ dongle.