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In 1993, Dr. Jon Linderman and his graduate student, Dave Liotta, used their University’s exercise physiology lab to evaluate many top Northern California cyclists and triathletes. This frequent testing gave birth to PR Consultants.

Using power output data and seminal theories about lactate metabolism (inspired by the work of Dr.George Brooks of UC Berkeley) Linderman and Liotta successfully developed several novel performance testing protocols that foreshadowed current state of the art power output based training practices.

In 1995, Dr. Linderman took a position at The Ohio State University and Dave completed his graduate research publishing the article, The Effects of Three Diets on Endurance in Trained and Untrained Cyclists. Dave Liotta has since continued the craft of power output based performance testing and evidence-based coaching of endurance athletes.

In 2012, Liotta founded BeFit Consultants to reflect the expanded range of expertise provided. BeFit now offers bike fits, strength and conditioning guidance, and medical and health references through a network of fellow “best in class” providers.

Dave’s perspective has been enriched by over 25 years as a competitive amateur triathlete (4 Hawaii Ironman finishes), graduate level education in exercise physiology, and as an instructor in Cabrillo College’s department of Kinesiology and Health Science.

Most recently, Dave has been involved as a consultant for several Silicon Valley start-ups working on next generation wearable sensors. Dave is especially grateful for the mentorship from Dr. Guy Hatch (Reveal Biosensensor) and Dr. Yvonne Cagle (The Wrap).