Settings App

The Moxy Settings App is used for the following purposes:

  • Change sensor settings like update rate, smoothing, and radio modes
  • Set the time on the sensor
  • Download data stored on the sensor to your Dropbox account
  • Update the sensor firmware

The Settings App is structured as a Progressive Web App 

It is currently compatible with the following platform and browser combinations. Other platform and browser combinations do not allow access to the Bluetooth communications that is required for the app to connect to the sensor.

  • Android Devices using the Chrome Browser
  • Mac Devices using the Chrome Browser)
  • Windows 10 devices using the Chrome Browser (version 70+)
  • iOS devices with Web BLE Browser (partial support)

iOS devices are partially supported

The Web BLE browser supports changing sensor settings and downloading stored data but it does not yet support firmware updates. The Web BLE browser is available on the Apple App Store.

You can access the Moxy Settings App by going here:

See the videos below for instructions on updating firmware, changing the sensor settings and downloading data from the sensor.

!!!Must use the browser listed for your platform above!!!

The following videos show how to do the firmware update and how to change settings and download data from the sensor.