Your Non-Invasive Solution for Proven Sm02 Monitoring

The Moxy Monitor is used by over 40 private and public universities, and research centers around the world to test muscle oxygenation by isolating the muscle layer. It features near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology and a patented algorithm that measures hemoglobin and myoglobin in the capillaries and muscle tissues with a wearable monitor. An ever-growing portfolio of published papers, proves Moxy Monitor’s accurate, flexible and cost-effective results. It has everything you need to expand your data gathering capacity and completed research to prove success quickly.

Moxy does the heavy lifting in data collection. Many studies require technicians to run large expensive equipment such as ultrasound and MRI. Researchers can simply start the Moxy, start the study and start collecting the data.

Carter Luck-Penn State

SmO2 & tHb Insights Delivered with Superior Accuracy

Moxy Monitor provides researchers and educators the ability to precisely assess a subject’s present performance and limitations. Using multiple NIRS sensors for research and educational purposes, researchers have come to discover that Moxy delivers real-time muscle oxygenation (SmO2) and hemoglobin index (tHb) information at research grade quality. In the lab, the Moxy can quickly adapt to other protocols and technologies. In the classroom, students are immediately engaged and find new creative ways to challenge their own thinking by applying the results!

Published Research Featuring Moxy Monitor

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