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The Moxy Monitor NIRS technology and patented algorithm is being used by over 40 private and public research centers around the world. With an ever growing portfolio of published papers the Moxy has proven accurate, flexible and cost effective. The NIRS Research Package™ has everything you need to expand your data gathering capacity.

Non-Invasive SmO2 & tHb Insights Delivered by the Most Accurate Wearable NIRS monitor on the Market

Moxy’s NIRS Research Package™ provides researchers and educators the ability to precisely assess a subject’s present performance & limitations. Using multiple NIRS sensors for research and educational purposes in a cost-effective way, researchers have come to discover that the Moxy delivers real time muscle oxygenation (SmO2) and hemoglobin index (tHb) information at research grade quality. In the lab, the Moxy can be quickly adapted to other protocols and technologies. In the classroom, students are immediately engaged and seem to find new creative ways to challenge their own thinking!

“Moxy does the heavy lifting in data collection. Many studies require technicians to run large expensive equipment such as ultrasound and MRI. Researchers can simply start the Moxy, start the study and start collecting the data.”

Carter Luck-Penn State


Selection of Published Papers:

Performance Comparison of the MOXY and PortaMon Near-infrared spectroscopy Muscle Oximeters at Rest and During Exercise
Chris J. McManus; Jay Collison; Chris E. Cooper;
Validity and Reliability of the Moxy Oxygen Monitor During Incremental Cycling Exercise
E.M. Crum, W.J. OConnor, L. Van Loo, M. Valckx, S.R. Stannard
V̇O2 and Muscle Deoxygenation Kinetics During Skating: Comparison Between Slide Board and Treadmill Skating
Tatiane Piucco, Rogério Soares, Fernando Diefenthaeler, Guillaume Millet, Juan Murias
The Assessment of Muscle Oxygen Saturation in Students During Maximal VO2 Exercise and High Intensity Intervals
Simmons, Justin. (April 2017 Masters Thesis)
The Physiological Effects of Blood Flow Restricted Muscle Stimulation
Slysz, Joshua Thomas
Effects of Low-Intensity Exercise Training on Tissue Oxygen Saturation of Lower-Extremity in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Jian-Guo Bau, Yu-Fang Chung and Hua-Jian Lin
Forearm Muscle Oxygenation during Sustained Isometric Contractions in Rock Climbers
Jan Kodejska, Michail L. Michailov and Jiri Balas
Active Recovery of the Finger Flexors Enhances Intermittent Handgrip Performance in Rock Climbers
Jiri Balas, Michail L. Michailov, David Giles, Jan Kodejska, Michaela Panackova and Simon Fryer
Evaluación de parámetros fisiológicos en función de la saturación de oxigeno muscular en mujeres con sobrepeso y obesidad
Aldo Alfonso Vasquez-Bonilla, Alba Camacho-Cardeñosa, Marta Camacho-Cardeñosa, Ismael Martinez-Guardado, Rafael Timon, Guillermo Olcina
The Influence of Different Paddle Paddles on the Technical Movements of the Kayakometer  皮艇测功仪上运动员不同桨频划桨对技术动作的影响
Li Meng, Zhang Lin, Suzhou University School of Physical Education
Muscle Oxygen Saturation Measurement in Male Collegiate Basketball Players
Lucas Beltran, Craig Horswill, PhD
Blood pressure and calf muscle oxygen extraction during plantar flexion exercise in peripheral artery disease
J. Carter Luck, Amanda J. Miller, Faisal Aziz, John F. Radtka III, David N. Proctor, Urs A. Leuenberger, Lawrence I. Sinoway, Matthew D. Muller
Running in Hilly Terrain: NIRS is More Accurate to Monitor Intensity than Heart Rate
Dennis-Peter Born, Thomas Stöggl, Mikael Swarén, Glenn Björklund
On the effect of sitting position, in simulated cross-country sit-skiing
Lund Ohlsson, Marie; Laaksonen, Marko S.
Efectos del Tipo de Recuperación Sobre la Oxigenación Muscular Durante el Ejercicio de Sentadilla
Alejandro Bastida Castillo, Carlos David Gómez Carmona, José Pino Ortega
Mathematical Modelling of Heart Rate During Cycling Exercise
Svendby, Stian Roti

Technical Information

  •  Moxy is a Continuous Wave NIRS system that uses light sources at 680, 720, 760, and 800 nm
  • Moxy uses 2 send to receive spacings of 12.5 and 25 mm. This allows it to read the muscle oxygenation through about 12 mm of skin and fat.
  • Moxy algorithm is the only algorithm based on a Monte Carlo model of epidermis, dermis, adipose and muscle. This allows it to measure SmO2 with useful accuracy on a scale of 0% to 100% and to maximize sensitivity to the muscle layer while minimizing sensitivity to the skin and fat.
  • Moxy Updates at 0.5 Hz in Default Mode or 2 Hz in high speed mode
  • Battery life is 3 hours minimum
  • 7 hours of data can be stored on each sensor

Selection of North American Universities and Research Institutions

Calgary, University of
Georgia, University of
Howard University
Iowa, University of
Louisiana, University of
Michigan, University of
Nebraska Omaha, University of
North Carolina, University of
Penn State
Utah, University of
Virginia Tech

Selection of European Universities and Research Institutions

Austrian Institute for Sports Medicine
Bern, University of
Essex, University of
German Armed Forces Munich, University of
German College for Sports Cologne
Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg
Liverpool John Moores University
Miguel Hernandez de Elche, University of
Mid Sweden University
Oslo, University of
University Clinic Balgrist
University College Physiotherapy Landquart

“I consider it to be a research grade device.”

Dr. Andrew Coggan
Washington University School of Medicine


Working closely with our teaching and research colleagues, experience has led us to develop two simple cost effective options –
NIRS Research Package Basic™ & NIRS Research Package Advanced

Moxy’s NIRS Research Package Basic™ A great fit for training and research in an undergraduate environment or where a flexible alternative is needed to compliment more advanced facilities. Only $1,298

  • 1 Moxy sensor
  • Live Monitoring Software
  • Case, charger, cables, attachment material and consumables
  • Access to Moxy Academy
    • Muscle Oxygen Physiology
  • Access to Moxy’s network of researchers
  • Training for setup, use & application of the technology
  • Ongoing consultative support


Moxy’s NIRS Research Package Advanced™ The flexible choice when integrating into an existing research or performance lab where comprehensive accurate information is a must.  $2,948 (Payment Options Available)

  • 3 Moxy sensors
  • Live Monitoring Software
  • Case, charger, cables, attachment material and consumables
  • Access to Moxy Academy
    • Muscle Oxygen Physiology
  • Summit attendee Researcher discount
  • Access to Moxy’s network of researchers
  • Training for setup, use & application of the technology
  • Ongoing consultative support


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