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Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor

Moxy is a small, wearable sensor that utilizes infrared light to continuously monitor oxygen saturation (SmO₂) levels in the muscles of athletes while they exercise. It is designed to measure the percentage of hemoglobin-and-myoglobin-carrying oxygen in the capillaries and cells of muscle tissue, where oxygen is consumed to produce energy. The accurate, real time measurements produced by Moxy are fundamental to improving athletic performance. Oxygen is the fuel that drives the muscle, and Muscle Oxygen levels are constantly changing.

Moxy is used to assess athletes, guide their training, and hone their performance during competition. It helps identify optimal training intensity zones and provides feedback on the physiologic systems limiting performance. Moxy is easy to use, mobile, non-invasive and affordable, making it widely applicable to athletes and trainers of every calling- from endurance sports like cycling and swimming to team sports like football and volleyball and individual sports like strength training.

In short, virtually everyone can Train with Moxy.

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