The Moxy public webinar series is intended to highlight various ways that athletes incorporate Moxy into their training. The topics will range from cover physiology, training techniques, injury prevention, data analysis, software packages, and more. The presenters will be real Moxy users and the content will be structured for athletes that don’t necessarily have a physiology background.

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Using NIRS to Optimize and Individualize Hypertrophy Training


“In the past few years, there has been a wealth of training literature that has improved our understanding of how to train for hypertrophy. However, this literature also poses many questions that have yet to be answered. NIRS may give us a lens through which we can answer those questions, as well as a practical way to optimize and individualize training intensity, acute and chronic training loads, and exercise selection.”
– Evan Peikon – Training Think Tank

Evan will present the science behind hypertrophy training and give practical examples of where Moxy provides data that allows the trainer to prescribe workouts with more predicable outcomes.

This webinar is for trainers and athletes that are looking to be more surgically precise in their training.

Date: November 19, 2019


  • 8:00 am Pacific
  • 10:00 am Central US
  • 11:00 am Eastern US
  • 16:00 British Summer Time
  • 17:00 Central European Time

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The Moxy Forum THE PLACE to participate in the development of muscle oxygenation science as it happens. Post your own questions, case studies, or examples or just scan through the thousands of posts to learn about the many varied ways that Moxy can be used to enhance training. Click below to read some of the best Moxy Forum posts, join the discussion, and learn something new.

+5-1-5 Test on a Cyclist

This post discusses a 5-1-5 test on a cyclist. There is discussion on the level of SmO2 desaturation and on how the THb values should be interpreted. There are some ideas on how to distinguish between a THb increase caused by venous occlusion versus an increase caused by vasodilation.

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+5-1-5 Test on a Runner

This post covers a 5-1-5 test on a fit runner. There is discussion on the interactions between SmO2 and heart rate. It also talks about the implications of respiration. There are some follow up tests that shows SmO2 and THb while the same athlete is doing intervals.

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+Strength Training

This post covers how Moxy can be used to inform strength training. There is data from squats and shoulder presses. There are some ideas on how to guide strength training based on the THb and SmO2 responses to maximize the strength adaptation.

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+Triathlon Discussion

This post discusses assessing multi-sport athletes. There is some discussion that the physiologic limiter may be different in different sports. There is data from a “Brick” 5-1-5 test that alternated between biking and running.

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+Sensor Placement Discussion

This post discussions the optimal muscles on which to place the Moxy sensor. It discusses the options for several sports and talks about when you may want to consider a non-involved muscle. It also goes into some of the relationships between Moxy measurements and surface EMG.

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+Using THb

This post talks about how THb is as important as SmO2 in muscle oxygenation analysis. It covers a swimming example where the THb response is very different at the end of a workout compared to how it started at the beginning.

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The Moxy blog has information that is more carefully edited than the forum but it also reflects how we’ve learned over time. We’ve left all of the blog posts in place so you can see how our thinking has evolved over time. Here are a few posts that might be helpful in understanding muscle oxygenation and some of thinking throughout the website.

+Training Intensity Zones

This is a series of blog posts that looks at various ways that training intensity zones can be set.  It looks at Rating of Perceived Exertion, Max Heart Rate, VO2, Latate, and Muscle Oxygen and looks at the benefits and limitations of each.

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+Sport Specific Posts

These blog posts cover a range of ways that Moxy is used for particular Sports.

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These blog posts cover some specific physiologic topics that must be considered in order to understand Muscle Oxygen data.

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Moxy Academy contains online courses to help you get up to speed with interpreting Muscle Oxygen data and using the information to improve your training.

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Training Centers

Becoming a Moxy Charter Certified Training Center is another way to learn more about using Moxy for training. This program offers assistance with Athlete Assessments, gives you access to members only Webinars, and allows you to join the community of other Charter Certified Training Centers that use Moxy.

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