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Available for Cyclists of All Skill Levels

Exercise adaptation requires the balance of training stress and recovery. Too much stress and the system is breaking down, too little and you won’t improve. 

How do I know I’m training at the proper intensity?

Precision intensity control starts with assessing your individual physiology. And determining your training zones based on muscle oxygenation is the perfect way to do that!

How do I determine my training zones?

Trainalyzed and Moxy have teamed up to bring you the first assessment system that uses muscle oxygenation data to determine training intensity zones and other physiologic parameters using your home cycling trainer setup. 

  • No blood draws. 
  • No masks. 
  • Validated results.
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The Results You Are Looking For

There are two types of assessment: basic and advanced. Based on the amount of information you are looking for, determines which assessment is right for you.

Assessments At-a-Glance

  Basic Advanced
Target Riders Beginners and for Testing Large Groups Most Athletes
Test Duration About 45 minutes About 90 minutes
Training Intensity Zone Yes Yes
Physiological Parameters like VO2max, VLamax, etc No Yes
Mean Maximal Power Curve No Yes
Substrate Utilization Curves No Yes
Price $49 $69
Assessment Frequency Every 3 months Every 3 months

Training Intensity Zones (Basic & Advanced)

Physiological Profile (Advanced Only):

  • Maximum oxygen intake – VO2max
  • Maximum glycolysis/ lactate formation rate – VLamax
  • Maximum lactate steady state – maxLaSS
  • Substrate & energy consumption – How much fat and carb you are burning at different intensities and energy expenditure.
  • Mean Maximal Power Curve (MMPC)
  • Functional Threshold Power – FTP
  • Performance prediction – Know what you’re capable of at different race distances.

Training Insights (Advanced Only)

After you email the test data to us, one of our staff physiologists will review it and run it through the diagnostic algorithm and provide a report with personalized training insights within 3 business days.

What Equipment Do I Need to Test at Home?

The equipment list is very strict. In order to give you the best results, we need to receive high quality data.

  1. A direct drive Cycling Trainer or Smart Bike that supports ANT+ FEC – A trainer is needed to get stable and controlled loads for the test.  The direct trainer type prevents slippage during the sprint parts of the assessments.
    • Direct Drive Trainer that supports FE-C
    • Smart Bike that supports FE-C
  2. A system to capture data and control the trainer – See options below.  Instructions will be sent on how to load the trainer control file.
    • Any Garmin Watch with a native power meter connection and will  support ConnectIQ 2.0 or higher.
    • Any Garmin Edge Bike Computer that supports ConnectIQ 2.0 or higher.
    • PerfPro Software
    • Fulgaz App
  3. A Heart Rate sensor – Any sensor that is compatible with your data capture system will work.  You can use an optical sensor if they are accurate for you or you can use a heart rate strap.
  4. A Moxy Sensor – Any Moxy will work.  We do not support other brands of muscle oxygen sensor because they are not sufficiently accurate.

How Do I Purchase an Assessment?

  1. Select your desired assessment type below.
  2. Add the assessment product to your cart and then check out.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to specific instructions for completing the assessment on your own time and then emailing the data file to our physiologist.