Moxy Monitor is Made for Athletes

Whether you are using Moxy Monitor for endurance, strength and conditioning, or physical therapy, you will gain personal insights needed to elevate your performance to new levels.

Endurance Sports

Moxy is used to regulate training intensity during interval training, optimize warm-ups, guide recovery training, and evaluate muscle performance. Moxy can even help you assess which aspect of your physiology is limiting your performance or endurance.

Strength & Conditioning

It doesn’t matter what sport you are conditioning for! Moxy will help you optimize your load, number of reps, time between sets and number of sets for strength training. With Moxy Monitor, you will have the information you need to tailor Interval training parameters for specific adaptation, and even identify overtraining and predict time to exhaustion.

Physical Therapy

Moxy Monitor is a critical tool helping Physical Therapists measure, collect, and record all motion from specific body areas. This provides insights about a patient’s range of motion and progress through their exercise and rehab program. Since the Moxy increases the understanding of the physiology of movement and gait analysis in real time, PT’s can diagnose physiology more precisely and recommend rehab techniques.

Moxy Training Centers

Learn more about our elite Moxy Training Centers across the nation where you can optimize your training and performance potential! You will have access to Moxy Monitor sensor systems to integrate in your training and certified coaches that will help you understand your performance and track progress toward your athletic goals.