Gain an Endurance Advantage with Moxy

For athletes that want to optimize their training performance for endurance sports, Moxy Monitor is a secret weapon.

Here are some of the key benefits that help you gain an endurance advantage:

  • Optimize Warm-Up
  • Regulate Training Intensity
  • Tailor Interval Training Parameters for specific adaptations
    Evaluate muscle coordination
    Assess which aspect of your physiology is limiting performance
  • Guide Recovery Training

With Moxy Monitor, athletes can learn how to play harder and go faster, gaining a competitive edge through knowing and understanding their body and how to maximize their potential.  Since the data the Moxy provides is real-time, continuous, and available on every training session,  most Moxy users eliminate or substantially reduce reliance on blood lactate data.

Moxy Integrates with Tech that Athletes Love

Moxy integrates with the systems you are already using such as Garmin watches and bike computer, Wahoo bike computers, PerfPro software, and many of the most popular VO2 devices.

Wearing Moxy While Training

The Moxy shorts make it super easy to use the sensor in every training session. Our adhesive attachments work great for assessments and occasional use.