Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Your Non-Invasive Solution for Proven Sm02 Monitoring Attached to any body part, the MOXY is a critical tool helping Physical Therapists measure, collect, and record all motion from specific body areas to obtain insights about a patient’s range of motion and measurable progress through their exercise and rehab program.

“I am really excited about Moxy.  It’s making me rethink what we’re doing in clinical practice.”
– Dr. Nancy Quick – Berkana Rehabilitation –

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Moxy – Improving Outcomes

Physical therapy is a close, relationship based hands-on field and Moxy plays a pivotal role by:

  • Helping therapists diagnose physiology more precisely.
  • Increases the understanding of the physiology of movement and gait analysis in real time.
  • Engage patients on the specifics of their individual injury and associated rehab techniques.
  • Improve patient delivering information specific to the patience thereby improving the patient experience and outcomes.

A World Engaged

Moxy has built a global network of professionals ranging from Athletic Trainers and PT’s supporting pro-the NBA, NHL, MLB, EFL, to Olympic training and rehab, to over 100 Research and Sports Performance institutes, as well as 100s of smaller performance focused business owners.

Mike Potenza – San Jose Sharks Director of Performance

Moxy’s sophisticated NIRS algorithms provides accurate Muscle Oyxgen data adding critical information helping Physical Therapists determine the successful treatment plans for pain relief, healing, and future injury prevention needs.

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A Research and Development Tool

Moxy is a tool that is used to evaluate the physiologic effects of various types of therapies as shown in these recent journal publications.

Effect of Traditional Thai Massage on Muscle Oxygen Saturation in Low Back Pain Patients: A Preliminary Study

Effects of Vibration and Non-Vibration Foam Rolling on Recovery after Exercise with Induced Muscle Damage

Changes in microvascular oxygenation and total hemoglobin concentration of the vastus lateralis during neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)

The Effects of Blood Flow Restricted Electrostimulation on Strength and Hypertrophy