Physical Therapy

Rehab and Recover Better with Moxy

The MOXY is a critical tool helping Physical Therapists measure, collect, and record all motion from specific body areas to obtain insights about a patient’s range of motion and measurable progress through their exercise and rehab program.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Moxy Monitor with your Physical Therapy patients:

  • Help diagnose physiology more precisely
  • Data to engage and guide patients on the specifics of their individual injury and associated rehab techniques
  • Track a patient’s range of motion through their exercise and rehab program

Key Clinical Measurements that PT’s use in their Practice:

  • Monitor left versus right oxygenation symmetry at various loads
    • to see if an injury is completely recovered
    • to see if an injury is likely to occur
  • Determine the quality of a muscle contraction
  • Verify that a specified movement is loading a kinetic chain properly
  • Optimize isometric load durations

Physical therapy is a close, relationship based and hands-on field. Moxy Monitor helps PT’s continue to build relationships with their patients through knowledge and results.  WIth Moxy Monitor as a Physical Therapy tool, it helps highly skilled, specialty-trained sports physical therapy practitioners to build on their world-class sports medicine expertise.

Improving Outcomes

Physical therapy is a close, relationship based hands-on field and Moxy plays a pivotal role by:

  • Helping therapists diagnose physiology more precisely.
  • Increases the understanding of the physiology of movement and gait analysis in real time.
  • Engage patients on the specifics of their individual injury and associated rehab techniques.
  • Improve patient delivering information specific to the patience thereby improving the patient experience and outcomes.

I am really excited about Moxy. It’s making me rethink what we’re doing in clinical practice.

Dr. Nancy Quick, Berkana Rehabilitation

Moxy High Performance Podcast: Moxy and Physical Therapy with Dr. Nancy Quick

Dr. Nancy Quick from the Berkana Rehabilitation Institute discusses the early successes that she’s had with using Moxy in her physical therapy practice and what she sees for next steps.

A World Engaged

Moxy has built a global network of professionals

From Athletic Trainers and PT’s supporting pro-the NBA, NHL, MLB, and EFL to Olympic training and rehab to over 100 research and sports performance institutes, as well as 100s of smaller performance focused business owners.

Moxy High Performance Podcast: Conversation with Mike Potenza, San Jose Sharks Director of Performance

Moxy’s sophisticated NIRS algorithms provides accurate Muscle Oyxgen data adding critical information helping Physical Therapists determine the successful treatment plans for pain relief, healing, and future injury prevention needs.

A World Engaged

Moxy is a tool that is used to evaluate the physiologic effects of various types of therapies as shown in these recent journal publications.