Strength and Conditioning

Get to Know your True Strength with Moxy

Moxy is a powerful tool to optimize Strength and Conditioning Training for all sports. By getting the data to help you understand your body, you will have the knowledge for how to build muscle and get even better results.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Moxy Monitor for Strength & Conditioning training:

  • Optimize Warm-Up
  • Optimize load, number of reps, time between sets, and number of sets for strength training
  • Tailor Interval Training Parameters for specific adaptations
  • Identify Overtraining
  • Predict Time to Exhaustion
  • Assess which aspect of your physiology is limiting performance
  • Provide feedback on Blood Flow Restriction Training

Actional Data in the Palm of your Hand

The Moxy Portal App is designed as a portable way to view your live strength and live data on your phone or tablet. It’s pushed to the cloud where you can share it with your trainer or other athletes. The Moxy Portal Web tool allows you to annotate your graphs and export your data, and crush your goals.