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Charter Certified Training Center and Referral Program

The goal of Fortiori Design’s Moxy Charter Certified Training Center (CCTC) and Referral Program is to work with the top training centers across the United States to help bring muscle oxygen monitoring technology to athletes.


  • Use the physiologic insights that are available from muscle oxygen monitoring to help your elite athletes reach new levels of performance.
  • Help all athletes understand what aspects of their physiology are limiting their performance and guide their training to address their unique needs.
  • Receive referrals of new clients.
  • Marketing Support
  • Become a thought leader on this new technology.
  • Create new sources of revenue from both product sales and the increase in prospective clients with the potential for higher fees.


  • Must be recognized as a local leader in the sport or sports identified for Charter Certification.
  • Must have a facility with the capacity to support testing of athletes in their sport and region.
  • Must have staff that are credentialed in one of the exercise sciences or have otherwise demonstrated competence in this field.

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