The Moxy Sensor is the heart of the Moxy Monitor System. Its light emitting diodes and photo detectors together create the spectrometer that makes Muscle Oxygen measurement possible. Fully functional and self-contained, the Moxy Sensor has a battery for power, a microprocessor for operating the spectrometer, and a memory chip for storing data; it also has a radio transmitter for sending live data to other devices.

Moxy provides real time physiologic feedback for any sport: it is strong enough to withstand the rigors of motocross riding and rugby; it is secure enough to operate in the swimming pool; it is portable enough to wear on the football field. Moxy takes physiologic monitoring out of the lab and into the real world of sports.

*Patented Thnology


  • Lithium Polymer battery for at least 6 hours of run time and a 2 hour recharge time
  • Data Storage for more than 6 hours of data
  • Wireless charging using the Qi standard
  • ANT+ and BLE Radio for transmitting data to sport watches, smart phones and computers
  • Weighs less than 40 grams (1.4 oz)- Half as much as some sport watches
  • Sealed, water resistant case
  • Two-second data update rate


  • Moxy is so small and light that you forget you’re wearing it
  • Moxy interfaces with many existing devices and software programs that use ANT+ or BLE
  • Internal data recording allows Moxy be used where radio transmission of data is difficult, such as under water
  • Provides real time physiologic feedback
  • The Moxy algorithm is insensitive to motion, so it can be used in even the most vigorous sports
  • Moxy is physiologically accurate; it is designed to measure into muscle tissue through up to 12 mm (1/2”) of fat layer thickness


Our purchasing page will step you through all the options and accessories that are needed for your application.

The Science Behind Moxy

Moxy uses light from the near-infrared wavelength spectrum (light from about 670 to 810 nm) to measure muscle oxygenation levels in muscle tissue.

Human tissue has low optical absorbance of near-infrared light, so the light can travel to reasonable depths. The near-infrared wavelength range is particularly useful because hemoglobin and myoglobin change color in that range depending on whether or not they are carrying oxygen.


Moxy Portal

Moxy Portal consists of a mobile app, cloud database, and analysis webtool for Moxy data. The App interfaces with up to three Moxy sensors and one heart rate monitor using Bluetooth Low Energy. This lets you see the live data and push the data to the Cloud. There are tools on the app to guide your real time training. The Cloud is the data repository. The Webtool allows you to review, share, and analyze your data.

Indoor Training Studio Software

PerfPRO Studio and Analyzer

PerfPro Studio is a training app designed for the indoor cycling studio.  It interfaces with many common bicycle trainers, including Computrainer and the Wahoo Kickr. PerfPro collects Muscle Oxygen, Heart Rate, Power and Speed & Cadence data from ANT+. The data can be transferred to the PerfPro Analyzer for logging workouts and analyzing performance.


Peripedal is a PC software developed for indoor cycling that monitors Muscle Oxygen, Heart Rate, Power, and Speed & Cadence data via ANT+. It can also calculate power from the speed data of most available trainers, allowing you to do power-guided workouts without a power meter. Different versions of the software support up to eight simultaneous users. Peripedal also offers integrated video entertainment while you ride.

Sports Watches and Bike Computers


Moxy integrates with all Garmin watches and bike computers that support ConnectIQ. Moxy data fields can be inserted into Garmin activity displays just like native data fields. Moxy ConnectIQ apps support more specialized application like running a 5-1-5 assessment. In both cases, the Moxy data is stored in the device’s .fit file along with all of the native data collected by the device so it can be accessed by analysis software later.


The Wahoo bike computers support one Moxy sensor at a time.  The Moxy is paired to the device just like any other 3rd party sensor.

Data Analysis Software


TrainingPeaks offers powerful analytical tools help break down complex data into easy-to-understand graphs and charts, giving valuable insights into your training. The system facilitates sharing of your Moxy data with your coach. The premium version is required to view the Moxy data.


SportTracks is a complete solution for planning, tracking, analyzing, and sharing your workouts. It provides extensive post-workout analysis of Moxy Monitor data, enabling you to directly compare your blood oxygenation levels with your pace, heart rate, and other metrics from the same workout. SportTracks is truly multi-sport. Running, cycling, and swimming are very different activities, and each one is approached uniquely. Athletes love SportTracks for its ease of use, and deep analytical power. The best way to understand it is to experience it yourself.

Metabolic Analyzers

Moxy is compatible with many of the most commonly used metabolic analyzers.  This allows you to collect muscle oxygen data time synced with other important physiologic data such as VO2, respiratory frequency and more.

VO2 Master

VO2 Master has the most sophisticated support for Moxy data integration. The app supports connectivity with multiple Moxy sensors at one time and allows you to customize the screen to view the data numerically or graphically. The app will work with Moxy even when you are not using the VO2 Master hardware.  The app is free and is available for both iOS and Android.


The COSMED K5 device supports Moxy integration with one Moxy sensor using the ANT+ signal.


PNOE also supports Moxy integration with multiple sensors.  The app runs on iOS and Android and comes with the PNOE hardware.


The MetaSoft® Studio Application by CORTEX supports the integration of 4 simultaneous Moxy Monitors via BLE. The MetaSoft® Studio application software represents the basis of all CORTEX systems and is of prime importance for data acquisition and data analysis. Click here for more information.

Serial Data Connection

We offer an ANT to Serial converter device that receives the ANT+ data from the Moxy sensor and restreams it as a serial stream of data. This enables integration with data capture software packages such as Matlab.


The Cyclus2 software is compatible with multiple Moxy sensors so that allows simultaneous recording of the muscle oxygenation data and the Cyclus2 performance data.