ANT to Serial Converter


ANT to Serial Converter



The Moxy ANT to Serial Converter is a device that captures ANT+ signals from fitness devices and converts them to a serial signal that can be received by software packages such as Matlab, LabView, or others.

The device also has the capability to convert 4 ANT channels to a 0-3.3V Analog output signal.

The serial communication is done with an FTDI chip.  When you connect the device to your computer, it will automatically download the drivers so the device shows up as a COM port.

The device can be configured to receive the following ANT+ profiles:

  • Muscle Oxygen
  • Heart Rate
  • Bicycle Speed
  • Bicycle Cadence
  • Combined Bicycle Speed and Cadence
  • Cycling Power
  • Stride based Speed and Distance
  • FEC

The device supports up to 15 Ant channels simultaneously on the serial output and 4 channels on the Analog output

Size: 2.60″ X 2.36″ X .83″ ( 66 X 60 X 21 mm)

Weight: 1.6 oz (45g)

Interface: USB-Micro

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