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How do I attach the Moxy?

Tape is the preferred method of attachment because it is less likely to restrict blood flow. Moxy adhesive attachments work well for light to medium duty. Using a 4 inch X 8 inch (100 mm X 200 mm) piece of BSN cover roll stretch tape over top of the entire sensor works well for heavy duty applications. The sensor can also be tucked under compression clothing or held in place with elastic wraps as long as they are not so tight that they restrict blood flow.

Is Moxy waterproof?

The Moxy case is sealed. However, there is a pressure equalization vent to accommodate pressure changes. When using the Moxy underwater, it is recommended that the sensor be placed in a clear zipper bag to allow this vent to work properly.

Can Moxy be left connected to the charger?

Yes. The charging circuit prevents overcharging of the battery so there is no problem leaving it connected to the charger. If you use your Moxy regularly, it is good practice to leave it connected to the charger whenever it’s not in use because the battery does discharge slowly when it’s not in use.

Why can’t I connect to the Moxy with the Moxy PC App?

The most common problem is that the driver did not load properly when the sensor was plugged in to your PC.

Here is a video that shows how to uninstall the driver and reload it.
Why do I get the “No ANT+ USB Stick Found” error in PeriPedal when I do have a stick plugged in?

The most likely cause of this error is that the Garmin ANT Agent is using the stick.  You need to shut down the ANT Agent in order to allow PeriPedal to have access to the stick.  Less commonly, the driver for the ANT stick may need to be reinstalled.

Here’s a video that shows how to do that.


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Latest Moxy Firmware Rev 1.0

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