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Performance Coaching

No matter where you are today, our goal is to make you faster.

- Trainingpeaks Premium Account
- Individual training plan
- Training plan adjustments
- Initial testing for training zones
- Initial bike fit
- No limit on communication
- Race planning
- Product & Partner discounts

Physiological Testing

We provides all kinds of physiological testing for Endurance Performance and we'll select equipment/method based on what you want to get out from the testing. Speed, Lactate, Critical power, Vo2max, SmO2 with the Moxy and/or individual testing protocols.

Anthropometry (ISAK)

Want to make sure your fueling your sessions during heavy training blocks or training camps? We can do anthropometry measurements for bone mass and fat mass before and after to make sure the nutrition plan is up to par. We measure your bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass and Somatotype

Bike Fitting

We are cooperating (and share office space with) with Pain Free Power, a leading bikefitting firm and very knowledgeable in bike setup, mechanics and aerotesting.

We train for:
  • Cycling
  • Road / Cyclocross / Gravel
  • Running
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Swimming
  • Triathlon

Meet Our Coaches

Johan Andersson