Women’s Compression Shorts

Compression Shorts with integrated Moxy Sensor Attachment

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Moxy Compression Shorts

Moxy Compression Shorts make regular use of your Moxy sensor for daily training much more practical and enjoyable.

The Moxy Compression Shorts have several distinct advantages over other attachment methods.

  • They locate the sensor precisely and repeatably.
  • The sensor is fixed securely.  There’s no danger of the sensor falling off due to sweat or vigorous motion.
  • The sensor can be attached in just a couple of seconds.  It’s far faster than even putting on a heart rate strap
  • The shorts and sensor look great.
  • We have models for a wide range of sports.

The Moxy Compression shorts can be used for any sport.  They are made from a blend of nylon and spandex.  At 290 gsm (grams per square meter), they are heavy enough that they could be worn as either an outer or under garment.  The waist is elastic. They are available in a men’s and women’s cut.

The Moxy sensor attachment can be located on the Left Vastus Lateralis, Right Vastus Lateralis or both.  The sensor can snap into the attachment before or after the shorts are worn.

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