Moxy Device

Pattern of MOXY Monitor Results versus Metabolic Output During High Intensity Cycling

The Moxy monitor has recently been purchased by military units to incorporate as a physical training tool. Since the Moxy monitor offers a unique portable technology unlike its larger predecessors, we aimed to determine if these innovative monitors measure muscle oxygen saturation levels that follow the same pattern as other physiological measures such as oxygen output, heart rate, and lactic acid. We recruited six endurance trained participants to complete a VO2 max test on the cycle ergometer followed by 6 high intensity intervals at 125% of their VO2 test maximum wattage. Moxy monitors were worn on each quad with a third on the deltoid for a control. We measured lactic acid following each of the intervals. SmO2 was plotted versus VO2 and heart rate to show that muscle oxygen saturation measured by the Moxy monitor was at its lowest point when VO2 and heart rate were at their highest points. Likewise, we plotted SmO2 versus lactic acid for each interval. Overall, our results showed that the Moxy monitor responded to changes in oxygen levels that corresponded to other physiological measures, indicating its promise as an exercise training tool.