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2001 S. Shields St.

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Fort Collins, CO 80526




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Berkana's Story

Berkana (pronounced berKAHna) is an independent physical therapy outpatient center dedicated to optimizing the functional mobility, health and well-being of adults with physical disabilities and injuries by providing innovative, evidence-based outpatient rehabilitation services.

At Berkana Rehabilitation Institute, you'll receive:

  • an exceptional personalized patient experience
  • the most advanced treatment techniques available
  • the best functional outcomes in the region
  • an environment that ensures each individual reaches their optimal potential


Berkana is a Celtic word meaning “the transformation of beings into their new form.”

This name is especially fitting since our first objective at Berkana is to transform the lives of each client by helping them reach their highest potential.

The three birch leaves in our logo are also rooted in Celtic symbolism. The adaptability of the birch demonstrates remarkable sustainability in harsh conditions as well as the ability to adapt and thrive in new conditions. At Berkana, we believe that the human spirit is remarkable and demonstrates the same natural attributes as the birch tree. Our purpose at Berkana is to help individuals thrive and grow despite the new challenges they face.

The selection of three leaves, graphically rooted in the rehabilitation institute, is used to represent the clinical, research and educational components of Berkana. The grouping of the three leaves together also represents community. This concept was important in the design of the logo since Berkana is being built for the community by the community.


Many physical therapy organizations use assistants and aides to carry out treatments, but at Berkana, rehabilitation therapy is conducted by highly trained licensed physical therapists.


At Berkana we are dedicated to implementing the best patient care from the most qualified personnel. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Nancy Quick has practiced physical therapy and conducted rehabilitation research.