Cycling Analytics - Moxy MonitorHelping Cyclists Train and Perform More Effectively

Moxy Monitor uses the science of Muscle Oxygen (SmO2) monitoring to help cyclists train and perform more effectively. Train outdoors on the road, on an at home trainer, or in an indoor cycling studio and collect data to optimize your performance. Adding muscle oxygen monitoring to your training program adds a physiological dimension that simply cannot be addressed by any other method.

Train, recover and perform better. Moxy Monitor works as a personal training tool along with an effective tool used by coaches worldwide. Make the miles you put on your bike effective towards reaching your goals. Cycling enthusiasts, competitive cyclists, and triathletes find the cycling analytics provided by Moxy Monitor imperative to reaching their goals.

Reach Your Cycling Goals with Moxy Monitor

  • Determine which aspect of your physiology is limiting your performance
  • Precisely guide high-intensity interval training
  • Manage your recovery with real-time feedback

Muscle oxygen monitoring has proven to provide a wealth of actionable training data far beyond the information provided by older cycling analytics methods such as heart rate, lactate, or VO2 measurements. Get specific, accurate and non-intrusive data quickly, so you can continue improvements.

“Training with Moxy has been an incredible journey. It has led to a much deeper understanding of everything from physiology to why different types of training works for some athletes and not others, and how to incorporate this into lateral thinking but focussed training ideas. It’s just a bonus that the Moxy team are a great bunch of people and provide fantastic customer service. I can’t recommend it highly enough for coaches or athletes that want to push into something much deeper than traditional cookie cutter zone based training.” – Ryan Switala, Athlete

Applying Oxygen Training for Cycling

Moxy’s Oxygen training protocol for cycling incorporates five methods for integrating muscle oxygen monitoring into your cycling training program.

  • Determine Muscle Oxygen Zones
  • Identify the Athlete’s Physiologic Limiter
  • Precision Guidance of High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Manage Recovery Intensity
  • Calibration of the Athlete’s RPE

Download the complete Moxy Cycling Training Guide below for comprehensive information to make this happen.

Moxy Cycling Changes Everything

How does Moxy Monitor integrate muscle oxygen monitoring into cycling training?

Learn how this is done and how to apply Moxy Monitor to your cycling training. Moxy’s Muscle Oxygen Training Guide outlines how this work and covers five practical integration methods that many are using today to improve their performance.