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Our mission:

Certification is a very important milestone on my journey from physiology lab to athletes. In the year 2023 I want to develop an educational platform for education in sports physiology, focusing on the transfer of information into practice, using not only the Moxy monitor, but also other diagnostic and/or training tools such as spiroergometric analysis, resistance and endurance respiratory training devices, methods working on the principle of local hypoxia and hypercapnia (BFR – Blood Flow Restriction) or methods working with S-nitrosohemoglobin (SNO-Hb) levels. In the future, I would like to offer coaches and athletes the possibility of mentorship or long-term cooperation not only in performance testing, but especially in increasing the physiological limitations of their performance.

Upside Strength

I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, Podcast Host and Performance Consultant. I am based in Nyon, Switzerland where I offer private coaching, performance/physiological testing (Moxy), physical preparation and consulting services. I also write individualized programs for local and remote clients.

As a personal trainer, I have worked primarily in private and semi-private setting since 2014. I work with beginner as well as with advanced clients all, working toward different goals (weight loss, muscle and strength gain, endurance, etc…).

As a physical preparation coach, I work with the Nyon Rugby Club as well as with the National Rugby Academy (U16-20 Swiss). I’m in charge of planning, coaching and developing all the different physical qualities required to excel in the sport. Sprint training, jumps & plyos, power development, strength training, conditioning and grappling form the basis for most of my work.

As a podcast host, I aim to share relevant and practical information around fitness, strength & conditioning and health in both french and english while exchanging with other professionals on the space.

As a performance consultant, i have worked with several regional and national level sports teams to provide specific recommendations to coaches and athletes primarily around topics such as Moxy Monitor testing/monitoring, physiological limitations, and respiratory assessment/training.

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to send me a private message – I’m always open for a good conversation.

Steve Neal Performance

Steve now offers pro-level services to all athletes. Inscyd Power Performance Decoder, KORR metabolic testing and Lactate Testing and proper use of Moxy Monitor are the cornerstones of SNP. A solid understanding of current fitness are critical to developing an excellent plan achieving real performance on race day.

Any athlete, beginner, masters or elite, will benefit from Steve’s knowledge, and ability to apply data to sound next-steps advice.

Individualized coaching is available for those who are ready to achieve their maximum potential. Steve has trained several of Canada’s top cyclists, and put numerous National-level athletes on the podium. His pioneering methods and style are apparent in many other contemporary coaches – Steve is the coaches’ coach. Now he can be your coach.


OPEX Fitness is the education provider for coaches seeking career success, longevity, and fulfillment. Our mission is to bring honor back to the coaching profession. Through our coaching education and our Gym Licensing Program, we provide coaches with the tools needed to professionalize their passion. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) has been curated for over 25 years by founder, James Fitzgerald, and is set-apart by providing comprehensive coaching theory as well as practical application of its principles.




Greater Washington Associates In Exercise Physiology (GWAEP) is an Exercise Physiology Clinic and research facility dedicated to the research, care, education and management of chronic conditions. At GWAEP our professional staff boast a combined 50 years of teaching experience on the collegiate level i.e. Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels. GWAEP has entered into an agreement with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to reproduce its Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist certifications courses. GWAEP is proud to have entered into this partnership with NASM and looks forward presenting this material with the standards, expectations and integrity associated with NASM.

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