Trainalyzed Assessment Instructions

Trainalyzed Assessment Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Trainalyzed Assessment. This page contains the instructions for running the test and submitting your data for analysis.

Equipment Needed

You will need the following equipment in order to run the Assessment:

  • A Moxy Sensor
  • A Heart Rate Monitor
  • A Direct Drive Trainer – Compatible Models
  • ONE of the following data collection systems
    1. Garmin Watch OR Bike Computer – Supported Models
    2. Fulgaz Sofware
    3. PerfPro Software

Videos and Files for Data Collection Setup

  1. Garmin – Setup Videos and Links
  2. PerfPro – Setup and Video Links
  3. Fulgaz – Setup and Video Links

Overview of Assessment

  1. Advanced Only – Warmup for 6 Minutes and use this time to find the best gear for doing the sprint.  Your data collection system will guide you to find the best gear
  2. Advanced Only – 3 Second Practice Sprint
  3. Advanced Only – 8 More minutes of Warm-up then 2 minutes of Rest
  4. Advanced Only – 20 Second ALL-OUT-SPRINT then 3 minutes of Rest
  5. 12 More minutes of Warm-up then 3 minutes of Rest
  6. STEP TEST starts at 60 Watts and Increases 20 Watts Every 3 Minutes until failure.

Emailing the .FIT file for Analysis

Email the .FIT file to: [email protected] with the following information

  • Order Number
  • Athlete’s First and Last Name
  • Athlete’s Weight in kg
  • Athlete’s Height in cm
  • Athlete’s Year of Birth
  • Athlete’s % Body Fat (if known)
  • Sensor Location (Vastus Lateralis or Rectus Femoris)
  • The .fit file from the assessment (see the instructions)
  • If you ordered multiple assessments, you can attach multiple fit files in one email.