Step 1: Start with a Sensor

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Measure & Improve

Sensors will Measure your Muscle Oxygenation.

Measuring muscle oxygenation is localized and indicates the balance of supply and demand for an individual muscle. Each muscle can vary dramatically depending it’s loading and blood flow.

Adding a single sensor on a larger working muscle provides a lot of useful physiological information:

Intensity control

Interval Training

Daily Monitoring

Order more than one sensor if:

  • You want more sophisticated assessments
  • Monitoring of systemic effects on a low priority muscle
  • Measuring Left / Right Symmetry
  • Looking at muscle chain activation and fatigue
  • Monitors are for multiple athletes

Don’t worry! We make it easy for you to buy additional sensors later at the same price, if you are not sure how many you need now.

Where to Place a Moxy Monitor

Watch the video for more information on common placements of the Moxy Monitor. This may help you decide if you need more than one sensor.

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