Step 2: Data Display

Information is Power

Chose a live data display to maximize your data.

With the live data display, you can see the information and make it work for you. When the sensor takes a reading, it stores the data in its internal memory and broadcasts the data point out over its radio.

Live Data Display Options:

PerfPro Studio

$179 | Platform: Windows PCs | Wireless Protocol: ANT+

PerfPro Studio was developed as an indoor cycling studio software, but it is frequently used in data collection for other sports as well. It allows the Moxy data to be shown numerically and graphically on a computer screen live during the workouts. It also collects data from Heart Rate monitors, power meters, cadence sensors, speed sensors, and the VO2 Master device. It supports multiple Moxy sensors per user and the base version supports 3 simultaneous users. That can be expanded to at least 12 simultaneous users for an upgrade fee. It can store data from an unlimited number of users. This is the primary live data display option for indoor cycling or any studio or lab work where it is convenient to be close to a computer.

Click here to watch how to use Moxy with PerfPro >

Garmin Devices

$249 – $999+ | Platform: Any Garmin with ConnectIQ | Wireless Protocol: ANT+

The Moxy sensors have very seamless integration with all Garmin watches that have ConnectIQ (which is almost all of them). The Moxy data fields all the data to be shown live on the device and stored in the .fit data file along with the rest of the data collected by the Garmin. Most watches support up to 2 simultaneous Moxy sensors. The Edge bike computers support up to 4 simultaneous Moxy sensors. There are also ConnectIQ Apps for Garmin that allow for specialty functionality like guiding a 5-1-5 Assessment or showing a live graph of the data on the device.

Click here to watch how to integrate Moxy with Garmin Connect >

Moxy Portal App

$199+ | Platform: Android and iOS Phones and Tablets | Wireless Protocol: BLE

The Moxy Portal App was developed for applications where the users don’t have a Windows computer handy and they don’t have a Garmin device. It allows the Moxy data to be shown live on an iOS or Android phone or tablet. It is compatible with up to 4 Moxy sensors and 1 BLE HR sensor at once. It stores the data on the cloud and it has a webtool that allows sharing of data between an athlete and a trainer and it allows the trainer to annotate the graphical data to provide feedback to the athlete.

Click here to watch how to integrate Moxy with Garmin Connect >

icTrainer Indoor Cycling App

$23.49 Annual Subscription | Platform: Windows, MacOS, Android | Wireless Protocol: BLE

icTrainer is for serious indoor cycling training without the gamification.
The software supports 1 Moxy sensor at a time and integrates the data with many common data platforms including TrainingPeaks. It is useful for daily training as well as performance testing.

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VO2 Master Manager App

Free | Platform: Android and iOS Phones and Tablets | Wireless Protocol: BLE

The VO2 Master Manager App also runs on iOS and Android devices. It is a free app and you don’t need the VO2 Master hardware to use the app. It is a very capable option for less cost than the Moxy Portal.

Click here to watch how to use Moxy with VO2 Master Manager >

Wahoo Elemnt

$299 – $399 | Platform: Wahoo Elemnt Bike Computer | Wireless Protocol: ANT+

The Wahoo Elemnt supports 1 Moxy sensor at a time. The Elemnt pairs to the Moxy just like any other ANT+ sensor that it supports. It will also save the Moxy data in the device’s .fit file.

Don’t see your preferred data display option listed? Click here to see more.

ANT to Serial Converter: $149

Platform: Any device that reads a USB Serial Port
Wireless Protocol: ANT+

The ANT to Serial converter plugs into a USB port on a Windows or Mac PC. It shows up like an old fashioned COM port. The converter has 15 channels and can be configured to collect data from ANT+ MO2, HR, Power Meters, Speed and Cadence sensors. The primary use of this device is for collecting data with Matlab but it can be used in any situation where a steam of serial data can be read. Four of the channels can also have a 0-3.3V analog output. This is useful for sending data to older data collection systems that accept this type of input.


Platform: Android and iOS Phones and Tablets
Wireless Protocol: BLE

The PNOE App supports multiple Moxy sensors to be used at the same time as their hardware. Their hardware must be present in order to use the app with Moxy.


Platform: COSMED K5 Hardware
Wireless Protocol: ANT+

The Cosmed K5 device and supporting software support the collection of Moxy data along with the K5 data.

PeriPedal Software: $149

Platform: Windows PCs
Wireless Protocol: ANT+

The PeriPedal software is similar to PerfPro but is has far fewer features so it is easier to setup and use. PeriPedal is no longer making updates to the software so it’s future compatibility with updated versions of Windows is not guaranteed so we don’t generally recommend this option unless the need for simplicity dominates the decision.

IpBike App: $15

Platform: Android phones and Tablets
Wireless Protocol: ANT+

IpBike is a cycling App for Android phones with native ANT+ support (most newer Androids). The setup is a bit challenging but the app does function nicely once setup.

Golden Cheetah: Free

Platform: Windows and Mac PCs
Wireless Protocol: ANT+

Golden Cheetah is a freeware that is used by many cycling data analysist enthusiasts. It is not as user friendly as some of the other options but if you are already familiar with how to use it, it can be a good option.

AD Instruments (coming soon)

Platform: AD Instruments Hardware
Wireless Protocol: BLE

AD Instruments will be adding support for Moxy to their hardware some time later in 2022.


Wireless Protocol: BLE

The MetaSoft® Studio Application by CORTEX supports the integration of 4 simultaneous Moxy Monitors via BLE. The MetaSoft® Studio application software represents the basis of all CORTEX systems and is of prime importance for data acquisition and data analysis. Click here for more information.


Platform: Trigno System
Wireless Protocol: BLE

Delsys supports the collection of Moxy data through their Trigno system.

Cometa (coming soon)

Wireless Protocol: BLE

Cometa will be adding support for Moxy in their software sometime later in 2022.