PerfPro Software Package




PerfPRO Studio 2020 is the total training and performance analysis platform for home and commercial use. It can support up to as many bike trainers, indoor bikes, treadmills and rowers as needed. PerfPRO Studio provides interactive training sessions using workouts, courses, or both. Full video integration, ANT+ and Bluetooth enabled, and compatible with most course file types (no file conversions necessary).

PerfPro will connect to multiple Moxy sensors per user.  It can be configured to show a numeric and graphical display of the SmO2 and THb data.  It support multiple displays.

This version of PerfPro supports 3 simultaneous users but it can be upgraded to 6, 8, 12, or unlimited users.  The number of users is how many users can be connected to the software simultaneously.  All versions support an unlimited number of users in the software database.  For a complete description of the software, visit the PerfPro Studio site

This bundle includes:

PerfPro can also collect data from the following ANT+ and BLE sensors

  • ANT+ Heart Rate
  • ANT+ Cycling Power
  • ANT+ Speed
  • ANT+ Cadence, Cadence/Speed, and Speed
  • ANT+ Running Foot Pods
  • ANT+ Running Dynamics
  • BLE Heart Rate
  • BLE Cadence, Cadence/Speed, and Speed
  • VO2 Master

The software can export the data in the .csv or .fit format.  It supports automated connections with many common data analysis packages such as TrainingPeaks, SportTrack, Todays Plan and many more.  It also supports automated emailing of results to athletes.

This video shows an overview of the software.


PC Requirements

This package does not include the Windows PC.  The requirements for the PC is that it runs a full version of windows and that it has at least 1 full size USB port for the ANT+ dongle.