Step 3: Wearing Your Moxy Sensor

Dress for Success

Choose how you want to wear your Moxy Sensor.

We have several attachment options depending on how you want to wear your Moxy Monitor. Choose from Moxy shorts or bibs, stretch tape, Vetrap™, adhesives, and more!

Moxy Shorts

The Moxy shorts are a very convenient way to attach the sensor when an athlete is using the sensor on a regular or daily basis. The sensor location is nicely repeatable. 

  • Our standard products allow for the sensor to be worn on the left, right, or both vastus lateralis muscles. 
  • Custom installation is available of the attachment into the customers own garments. 
  • Additional sensor locations include the rectus femoris, biceps, triceps, and exterior deltoid. 

Contact us for more information on custom garments.

Standard Shorts

All new sensors come with large and small adhesives included in the Sensor Bundle.

Adhesive Attachments

The large adhesive attachment is the go-to attachment for gThis adhesive allows you to directly attach the Moxy Monitor device to your skin. The adhesives are strong enough to ensure that your device will stay firmly attached during your workout. 

Light Shield Tape

These adhesive tapes are precut to work with the Moxy Light Shield. They will hold securely under long term, sweaty, and vigorous exercise, and come in a package of 12.

DIY Methods

Tuck it under your compression shorts

Often, the simplest attachment is to slide the sensor under typical compression shorts. This is very common for measuring on the vastus lateralis or rectus femoris.

Cover Roll Stretch Tape (cut your own)

The cover roll stretch tape is the same tape used for the large and small adhesive attachments. You can customize you own shapes by cutting from the roll.


Vetrap™ is a stretchy wrap that sticks to itself. Some users wrap several turns of vetrap to hold the sensor in place. However, care must be taken to not wrap the limb to tightly or the blood flow may be altered.

Trainalyzer Sleeves (coming soon)

Trainalyzer is developing sleeves similar to the Moxy shorts that will be available in 2022.