Become a Moxy Certified Training Center!

Moxy Device

The purpose of Moxy’s CTC program is:

  • To provide education and support for training centers to integrate muscle oxygen monitoring technology into their training programs.
  • To promote the continuing development of the science and practical applications for using muscle oxygen monitoring with athletes.
  • To help training centers market their testing, assessment and training services to athletes.
  • To recognize the contributions that training centers make to the further development of the technology.

Benefits of Certification

  • Training on how to understand muscle oxygen data and how to integrate it into their training program
  • Access to our staff physiologist to help with questions on applying the technology
  • Promotion of your events on Moxy social media and the Moxy Newsletter
  • Added to the Moxy Training Centers Pin Map
  • A Training Center profile page will be created for you on our website. This will show your total accumulated continuing development credits and link to blogs, webinars, and other material that you post
  • You can use the Moxy logo and Certified Training Center Badge on your marketing materials
  • Special Moxy CTC pricing  on purchasing additional sensors and accessories

Requirements to Become a CTC

Training Centers must meeting the following requirements to become a Moxy Certified Training Center:

  • Complete the online Muscle Oxygen Physiology Course on Moxy Academy
  • Completely one or both of the following online courses:
    • Training Integration Guid on Moxy Academy
    • NIRS for the Sport of Fitness from the Training Think Tank Classroom
  • Own at least 3 Moxy sensors
  • Complete assessments on at least 2 athletes and review the results with a Moxy Staff Physiologist
  • Provide us with a marketing plan for your services related to Moxy so we can promote them on our website and social media
  • Complete your online Training Center profile page that we create for you on our Moxy website


If you’d like more information on becoming and maintain a Moxy Certified Training Center status, download our brochure or send us an email.

Hear Leading Partners Discuss the Value of the CTC Program

“The Moxy team is focused on my success and helped me with everything from the initial implementation, to learning the science, to working with me on my business model; even referring athletes locally and across the globe to Tri & Run. As a CTC, we receive great value connecting with other coaches internationally through the program as well.” – Sandy Musson, Owner Tri & Runs Sports – a Moxy Certified Training Center