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Become a Moxy Certified Training Center!


Moxy’s Certified Training Center (CTC) partners increase revenue by improving their client’s performance. Integrating Oxygen into their offering coaches better assess their athletes, more efficiently guide workouts to achieve optimal results, manage warm up & recovery avoiding injury, and monitor race performance in real time.

  • Increase Revenue & Profit buy differentiating your offering
  • Participate in Moxy’s Global CTC Referral Program
  • Advance your understanding of what is really limiting your athletes’ performance
  • Deliver on your promise to provide the most effective training protocols to your athletes
  • Become a thought leader in your market


Hear Leading Partners Discuss the Value of the CTC Program

“The Moxy team is focused on my success and helped me with everything from the initial implementation, to learning the science, to working with me on my business model; even referring athletes locally and across the globe to Tri & Run. As a CTC, we receive great value connecting with other coaches internationally through the program as well.” Sandy Musson, Owner Tri & Runs Sports – a Moxy Certified Training Center.

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More Details

We have developed a complete guided onboarding process to help you get up to speed on using Moxy with your athletes.  The process steps you through the technical aspects of how to interpret the data, run assessments, and use Muscle Oxygen data for daily training.  It also includes consulting on how to market this new aspect of your business and consulting time with another trainer that’s already doing this to help answer any questions you have.

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One of the ways that you can increase revenue is by taking on more remote clients.  Moyx integration with software like TrainingPeaks, Sport Tracks, Cycling Analytics, Garmin Connect and others makes it easy to view your client’s Moxy data immediately after they are done working out.  You can immediately see how they are reacting to the training plan and make any necessary adjustments before their next workout.  It’s a great value for the athlete and it lets you reach a much broader range of athletes.

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