BSX Trade In


Trade-in Value for a BSX Insight



Add this to your cart to have the trade in value removed from the cart total.

Terms and Conditions
1) You can purchase any bundle with at least 1 Moxy sensor in order to receive the
trade in value.
2) Limit 1 BSX trade-in for each Moxy sensor purchased. You may trade in as many BSX Insight sensors as you like as long as you purchase the same number or more of Moxy sensors.
3) Any BSX Insight model qualifies.
4) The BSX Insight must include the sensor and charging cradle and both must be in tact.
Disassembled or modified sensors will not be accepted.
5) We will send you a shipping label for your BSX Insight as soon as we receive your order.
6) We will ship the Moxy order as soon as we receive the BSX Insight.
7) We reserve the right to refuse a trade in for any reason.  We will refund the entire order if we refuse the trade in.
8) This offer can not be combined with any other discounts or offers.