The Moxy Webinar Series

Moxy Device

Moxy in Return to Play Applications

Aaron Davis from Train Adapt Evolve will describe case studies on how he has used Moxy in training athletes that were recovering from injury. 
Aaron is a Sports Performance/Health Coach with 10 years experience coaching athletes and teams across multiple sports. Utilizing multiple diagnostic technologies and labs, Davis firmly believes health and performance go hand in hand. He is a constant student of sports performance and health – drawing upon knowledge from leading experts in the field.


Using Moxy in Hockey Training at Elite Training GmbH


Arno Galmarini from Elite Training will describe how they use Moxy in training professional hockey players in Europe and how their work is changing the standards for physiologic testing.
Elite Training works with the Swiss Ice Hockey National Team and with the ZSC Lions. They also work with three athletes that participated in the recent Winter Olympics including Nevin Galmarini who took gold in the Parallel Giant Slalom.
Arno is the High Performance Coach at Elite Training. He was an internationally competitive snowboarder. He studied exercise physiology at the University of Bern and at the Doctor Gottlob Institute. 

Using Moxy for Freediving Training

Jaap Verbaas from Simon Fraser University will present data from some of the work he has done on Muscle oxygen levels during dry apnea exercises as well as present other concepts for the use of muscle oxygen monitoring during freedive training. He will also look at comparisons to pulse oximeter data.

Follow Up: Here’s a link to an article that Jaap wrote about this content.

TrainingPeaks & Moxy: The Performance Leap

Ironman Coach and Moxy Certified Trainer Sandy Musson from Tri & Run Sports has successfully coached Triathletes for over 22 years. Her Age Groupers, as she lovingly calls them, each has committed to using the Moxy in what is effectively a remote environment and are achieving some pretty impressive personal bests. For the past four years Coach Sandy has used the Moxy’s physiological data exclusively, committing to sometime cumbersome workarounds to review & share this critical data. But not anymore!

In this webinar you’ll learn how the TrainingPeaks / Moxy integration opens up new opportunities for performance coaching based on physiologic data!

In this first of a kind discussion Coach Sandy will reveal:

  • Use of Moxy’s physiologic data to improve Triathlon performance broken down into Run & Cycling components.
  • Integrating the Moxy data with traditional mechanical info like power & data (replacing them altogether).
  • Technique for seamlessly using TrainingPeaks & Moxy, gaining individual physiologic feedback in a real time environment.
  • Business discussion on how the TrainingPeaks & Moxy integration has provided new options to expand Tri & Run Sports remote training offering.

Primary Physiologic Concerns in Proper Bike Fitting

This webinar will be presented by Chris Balser from BicycleFitGuru. The presentation will go beyond range of motion issues and talk about how to address issues like respiration and blood flow. It will also cover Chris’s ideas for using muscle oxygenation in bike fitting.

Chris is a world class bike fitter who has been fitting people professionally for more than 20 years. His qualifications include doctoral studies in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and kinematics; yoga philosophy, teacher training, and yoga therapy; Trek Master’s Level Precision Fit, Wobble-Naught (WN) Certification, Specialized (SBCU) BG bicycle fit with Dr. Andy Pruitt, Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), Fit-Kit, BIKEFIT, Bike CAD, and Body Mind Centering.

Metier Racing and Coffee

This webinar is a tour of the new Metier Racing and Coffee facility in Seattle.  David Richer shows the space and explains the training services that he and Todd Herriott have developed.  The second half focuses more on the training services and the ways that they have integrated Moxy.