Mapdec Cycle Works

Mapdec Cycle Works is based in the English Lake District and offers regular group fitness sessions using Moxy. They also offer VO2 and the Moxy 5-1-5 assessment.
Their approach to training and coaching is completely holistic and their facility includes both a high tech cycling studio and a fully equipped strength and conditioning studio. Many of their services are delivered online as well as on site in Kendal.
Their approach to coaching is educational and believe in empowering athletes to make intelligent choices concerning their health and training. Working across all age ranges and ambitions, the Mapdec philosophy is very much that, knowledge is power.
Mapdec offer remote coaching via XERT.

Personal Best

Walk the Talk is what drives me, I am happy to share what I Know so far.
To improve and develop people skills allow me to enjoy someone else’s success.
It doesn’t matter if you’re fast or not, newbie or experienced. The trait I look for in the athletes I work with is a high level of internal motivation,
a great passion and a hunger to achieve their own goals.
The oldest athlete with whom I have worked is 73 years old, sport is a lifestyle and anyone should have it on their path!!

Tri and Run Coaching

They say if you do what you love you won’t work a day in your life.  I love to walk, bike, swim, and run and it’s much more fun with my tribe!  I started Tri & Run Coaching because I wanted to help others love their sport as much as I love mine.  Sport is not always easy, but I want to help it be more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more rewarding through knowledge and community. The stories we tell ourselves are not always what others see in us and sometimes we need that community to help us realize we have hidden potential. It doesn’t always have to be about being the fastest or going the farthest.  Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Helping you be your best version is our goal, we are here to support you.

Exercising Nutritionally, LLC

Exercising Nutritionally, LLC is a clinical research and education company promoting healthy living and aging. We focus on developing clinical research programs for evidence based preventive wellness and enhancing human performance. Research projects focus on the role that nutrition and physical activity play in helping prevent and treat lifestyle related diseases on the molecular, biochemical, and physiological levels. Populations include children, adults, and senior populations.

SunSport Coaching

Whether you are an endurance athlete with specific competition in mind or a sports enthusiast looking for performance gains SunSport Coaching can support you to achieve your goals.

SunSport Coaching is run by a dedicated team of qualified expert coaches and sports enthusiasts. Our UK fitness testing facility is based in Manchester where we have a fully equipped sports science lab using the most advanced cardiovascular and metabolic testing equipment. We work with individual athletes across a range of endurance sports, measuring exercise performance and creating bespoke training to ensure goal achievement.

At SunSport Coaching we are great believers in keeping up to date with the latest scientific research associated with training techniques and sports performance, our forward thinking team continues to pioneer new methods to continually improve what we offer our customers.

Métier Racing and Coffee

Metier is a bicycle shop, training gym and communal space steeped in the rich culture of cycling. Our team is committed to providing our customers with a best in class experience, whether you are new to the cycling world or looking to push your limits as a competitive athlete.